How we handle personally identifiable information

ADK Holdings Inc. and ADK group companies (“The Group”) adopt the following policy to secure assurance and trust of clients in terms of handling personally identifiable information necessary to run the business. Based on the following policy, we set regulations to protect personal data and ensure an appropriate management of those data by keeping all managers and employees informed about them.

Basic Policy

1. Collection, use and provision of personal information

The Group defines the purpose of use of personal information. We collect, use and provide personal data in an appropriate manner.

2. Appropriate management of personal information

The Group takes appropriate measures to protect personal information in case they face threats of fraudulent access, loss, destruction, alternation and leakage, etc..

3. Compliance with laws, regulations and other rules

The Group’s managers and employees bear responsibility for implementing this policy and comply with laws and regulations as well as internal rules regarding the protection of personal information.

4. Review

The Group reviews this policy and related internal rules on a regular basis and, when necessary, makes revisions in order to respond to requests of clients and society.

Collection and Use of Information

ADK Holdings Inc. (“ADK HD”) is the exclusive owner of information collected via this website. When accessing the ADK HD website, regular users will not be required to provide personal details, such as name and address.
If you wish to make an inquiry via the “ASK” page, however, you will be asked to provide sufficient details, such as name and email address, to allow a proper response. Such personal information shall be used for the sole purpose of addressing inquiries, and shall not be augmented by information obtained offline or via third parties.
Those making inquiries via the “Recruiting Information” page will be asked to provide sufficient information such as name, email address and home address to enable ADK HD to properly contact them.ADK HD also pledges not to sell, share, or lend to other parties information obtained via means other than those disclosed in this Privacy Policy.


Cookies is a kind of technology that embeds a small text file in your computer, when you access ADK HD website, enabling the web server to identify the visitor’s terminal next time you visit the site. ADK HDuses cookies on some pages of its website in order to collect access-related data. This is not for the purpose of gathering specific personal information. Moreover, ADK HD will not contact site visitors directly as a result of its use of cookies.

Log Files

ADK HD keeps log files of data on accesses to the website as well as on file downloads from the website. The acquired log files are not linked to any personally identifiable information and are only used as statistical data. The acquired log files are not made available to third parties.


This website contains links to other sites. Please be aware that ADK HD is not responsible for their content, privacy policy and regulations of other sites. ADK HD encourages its users, when they leave its site, read the privacy statements of each and every linked website. Should a user wish to establish a link to this website, please notify ADK HD in advance about the name of the user, the contact email address and the URL of the website to be linked. Depending on the content of the user’s website, ADK HD may decline to establish a link.

Please contact “Other inquiry regarding this site” located in “ASK” if you wish to set up a link.

Management of Registered Information

We may occasionally contact users by phone, post, email, etc. with regard to the personally identifiable information registered in the “ASK” page as well as “Recruiting Information” page. The information obtained via “Recruiting Information” page will immediately be deleted when ADK completes its recruitment activity.

Privacy for Children

Animation content and animation content-related business is one of the ADK HD’s core competences. ADK HD’s website, therefore, includes some information of animation content although it is not particularly designed for children. Children under 13 years old are requested not to provide any information without the consent of their parents.


To take appropriate and reasonable precaution to protect our users’ personally identifiable information from those attempting to access the site illegally to steal, destroy or alter the information, ADK HD website adopts Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted communication. Using a security function compatible web browser, it can automatically encrypt personal information users input such as name, home address and telephone number, etc before transmitting and receiving them. If by any chance transmitted data is monitored by third parties, the content is safe from being stolen.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

ADK HD and an outsourcing contractor, who is under a non-disclosure agreement with ADK HD, are responsible for managing personal information provided in an appropriate and reasonable manner unless courts and other government bodies requests to share.
ADK HD may disclose the personally identifiable information to central and local governments, courts or international law-enforcement organs when requested within the scope of law.

Notification on Changes in Privacy Policy

Should ADK HD modify its privacy policy, ADK HD will post a notice on such a change on this website. It will also post a notice on the website when the Company wants to use personal information collected for a purpose different from the original one, while at the same time communicating a change to relevant individuals by phone, post, email, etc., whenever possible. The information will immediately be deleted when individuals do not consent to a change and tell the Company not to use them on their own judgment.


Any inquiries on this Privacy Policy or on ADK should be directed to “Other inquiry regarding this site” located in “Ask”.