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The most commonly used codes in the world.

This is an art project to make one and only clock with creative numbers collecting from around the world.
Using “numbers” is the only rule to limit you,
otherwise you are completely free to bring your own unique ideas and individuality.

In the project collaborating with eyeka, it received 279 entries from 44 countries.
The best and brightest works contributed to create the clock.

We expect this project will go viral while planning to arrange events like workshops.

Keep your eye on this content – it is further developing.

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ADK launches new project “SCHEMA” to support business development through technology x creativity

1st November 2018


ADK has launched “SCHEMA,” its first-ever project to support new business development through creative “trans-creation” of technology. URL: schematokyo.com

Today, various technological innovations in AI, Blockchain, VR, genome editing, with the potential to change the world, are emerging and evolving every day. However, in order for these innovations to truly penetrate people’s lives, they need to be properly ‘interpreted’ into business or services. With the wide range of technological resources, along with the power of creativity cultivated in the advertising business, SCHEMA will start off as a new platform to give shape to future businesses.

With the mission of “Accelerating the power to change,” SCHEMA will involve society, enterprises, and startups by collaborating with 4 external partners. The participating partners are: “Plug and Play Japan,” the world’s top global venture capital; “Digital Hollywood University Graduate School,”an accelerator from Silicon Valley with numerous achievements in producing tech-oriented startups; “DMM.make AKIBA,” the hardware startup hub with capability to produce, develop, and verify; and “Hiroo Gakuen Junior High and High school” who have nurtured students with globalperspective and have offered entrepreneurship education.

ADK’s original workshop method “ADK Power Idea Camp” * will also be incorporated. Skilled members with expertise in technology-focused communication, will support co-creation of new businesses that answer to the needs of companies and market issues.

Japan expanded globally through manufacturing expertise, and SCHEMA aims to support the growth of large corporations as well as startups, to once again, reach global success through effective marketing and branding.

<About the Project Name: SCHEMA>
SCHEMA 【skíːmə】: A representation of a plan or theory in the form of an outline or model.
” SCHEMA” was taken from the ancient Greek word for scheme and the Japanese word sukima. The Japanese word sukima means ‘gap.’ Similar to the method of enhancing comprehension by connecting knowledge and filling the ‘gap,’ the SCHEMA platform also aims to fill gaps by creating the missing piece, to enable growth of future business.


<*About ADK Power Idea Camp>
A unique strategic workshop by ADK, focusing on achievements. ADK facilitators with highly specialized skills corresponding to various fields/categories, utilize unique schemes and tools that can lead to concrete execution plans. http://adk-pic.com/

About Plug and Play Japan (http://www.plugandplaytechcenter.com/japan)


Plug and Play Japan is an innovation platform that serves as a bridge between Japan and the world’s global innovation ecosystem, Plug and Play established in 2006, by Founder and CEO Saeed Amidi. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, have built accelerator programs, corporate innovation services, and an in-house VC to make technological advancement progress faster than ever before.

About Digital Hollywood University Graduate School (https://www.dhw.co.jp/)


With President Tomoyuki Sugiyama, Digital Hollywood University Graduate School is a University graduate school authorized in February 2004. This is to train and research advanced personnel who create new industries and culture with digital technology and content.

About DMM.make AKIBA (https://akiba.dmm-make.com/)


“DMM.make AKIBA,” operated by DMM.com(https://dmm-corp.com/), established in 1999 now with CEO Takanori Katagiri, is located in Akihabara Tokyo. It is a comprehensive manufacturing facility that supports total hardware development. The space consists of “Studio: with hardware necessary forhardware development and prototyping,” and “Base: a business hub with share offices and event space.”

About Hiroo Gakuen Junior High School / High school (http://www.hiroogakuen.ed.jp/)


Established in 1918 as Junshin Hiroo Gakuen, and now with the name under Hiroo Gakuen, is focusing on science education, international education, and career education, with the aim of nurturing human resources that can be active in a new era with the educational philosophy of “autonomy and symbiosis.” Having three courses: Domestic Course, International Course, and Medical and Science course as the main course, Hiroo Gakuen is developing a variety of learning programs such as advanced career education programs and experience-oriented events. The school also offers a variety of styles beyond traditional school education, including DNA appraisalcourses, pathological diagnostic courses, and translating lectures from overseas universities to go beyond legacy education with Chairman Tomikazu Ikeda.

About ADK (https://www.adk.jp/)


ADK, Asatsu-DK Inc., is a full-service advertising agency with third largest billings in Japan.
Established in 1956, ADK challenges beyond traditional “advertisement,” providing comprehensive marketing services to drive consumers and contribute to clients’ business outcomes, with strong presence in the animation and content business, with President & Group CEO, Shinichi Ueno.

-URL: schematokyo.com

-Member Profile:

teranishiAiko Teranishi  Project Manager
Aiko has experience on taking in charge of marketing Globally and Locally, in and out of Japan. Having worked for Luxury brands, and AI robotics project, she became interested in merging science, technology and branding. Focusing on expanding the ecosystem of Enterprises and startups for future business from 2017.


matsudaKen Matsuda  Creative Director / Copy Writer
Well acquainted in-depth and broadly, from strategy, TVC, digital, promotion to PR, Ken is especially strong in Brand building with the Management. He has wide experience in Integrated campaign and New product launch. Joined SCHEMA, with the attraction to potentialin technology.


kozukaYoshihiro Kozuka  Communication Planner / Technologist
Having the experience in running a startup, and with the experience in working all around digital promotion, planning and buying the media, Yoshihiro became a communication planner and technologist from 2013. Since then, he has been utilizing AR, IoT, AI, Robotics, and other technology to develop products and service related to the communication field.

Credits -
Logo: naoko fujihira
Website: monopo
-Producer: Kensuke Tanaka
-Designer: Jin Okuma
-Back-end Engineer: Kenta Takahashi

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