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The most commonly used codes in the world.

This is an art project to make one and only clock with creative numbers collecting from around the world.
Using “numbers” is the only rule to limit you,
otherwise you are completely free to bring your own unique ideas and individuality.

In the project collaborating with eyeka, it received 279 entries from 44 countries.
The best and brightest works contributed to create the clock.

We expect this project will go viral while planning to arrange events like workshops.

Keep your eye on this content – it is further developing.

Join us to make time together.


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ADK Launches Creative Boutique CHERRY INC. as Orchard for Creativity

2 July 2018

ASATSU-DK Inc. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; president: Shinichi Ueno, hereafter “ADK”) has established a new creative company, CHERRY INC. (hereafter “CHERRY”) to begin operations from today, July 2. Starting out with six young, fearless and spirited creatives, the new company will be independent from ADK, which has made a new start in 2018 securing mid- and-long-term growth. The new company aims to create great opportunities to bring brands and people together through ideas that cross over existing categories and go beyond traditional advertising.


In recent years, with more diversity in tastes and lifestyles as well as how information is gathered, advertising is increasingly being ignored or dismissed. Under these circumstances, advertisers have begun to emphasize brand continuity and consistency rather than simply creating points of contact through conventional advertising methods. In doing this, people’s perceptions must be changed, with the aim to create relationships that foster fans of brands while providing news-worthiness. To tackle this task, ADK decided to start an independent boutique, as a flexible partner for brands. In-house creatives and a business manager/producer who have worked on high-profile advertising campaigns have launched the new company, CHERRY, aimed to create great opportunities to bring brands and people together. CHERRY is situated in an independent office near ADK headquarters where great ideas will be grown.

CHERRY aims to:

Grow connections, not just expressions.

With communication diversifying, people cannot be activated simply through mass advertising or digital media. Instead of the conventional approach of simply producing work for boxes, or ad placements, cross-bred ideas should be grown, that bloom and attract fans, just like cherry blossoms.

CHERRY. The Creative Orchard



Establishment: July 2nd, 2018
Office: 5F, 2-35-5, Nishi-shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
URL: https://chrry.jp

Why the name CHERRY?

Cherry blossoms in Japan stand for the blooming of potential.
And cherry is used to symbolize a fresh outlook.
As the orchard for creativity, CHERRY aims to grow great ideas
for brands and connect them with people.

Contact: Yuri Hirao
Office of Corporate Communications
Email: adkpr@adk.jp
Tel: +81-3-6830-3855

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