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The most commonly used codes in the world.

This is an art project to make one and only clock with creative numbers collecting from around the world.
Using “numbers” is the only rule to limit you,
otherwise you are completely free to bring your own unique ideas and individuality.

In the project collaborating with eyeka, it received 279 entries from 44 countries.
The best and brightest works contributed to create the clock.

We expect this project will go viral while planning to arrange events like workshops.

Keep your eye on this content – it is further developing.

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ADK launches “Absolute one”; A service to concurrently realize the best suited web creative and AB test, aligning with Creators Match Ltd.

July 17, 2015

Shinichi Ueno
President and Group CEO
Securities code: 9747

ADK (Registered name; ASATSU-DK INC., President & Group CEO; Shinichi Ueno, Head Office; Minato-ku, Tokyo) announces that it will start offering cloud service-based “Absolute one(*1)” in August, which allows for finding out the highest response site at a lower cost from among many websites.

In a world where consumer behaviors are closely intertwined with digital, a creative website production that achieves high response is becoming a significant challenge for companies. However, it is always a lengthy and costly task to repeat tests and build the best suited creative, leading to heavy operational workload. It has also been a demanding task for advertising agencies to offer the most appropriate solutions to clients within the limited budget.

“Absolute one” has successfully unified a production order and AB test(*2) , networking small but highly-creative and -technical website production firms scattered nationwide with the use of cloud. This allows for finding out a site with the best user acquisition efficiency(*3) among from many websites, even within the limited budget smaller than 1.0 million yen, enabling to achieve or improve index for a website. “Absolute one” will become available in August as a closed service, then be widely released by the end of the year.

Some 100 production firms have been confirmed to join in this network at the onset of the service. Collaborating with Creators Match Ltd. (President; Keiju Go, Head Office; Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) which partners with approximately 200 production firms at home and abroad, creating 1,500-2,000 ad creatives per month, we are allowed to use its creative network and production support system called “AdFlow”, which help us meet clients and agencies’ needs of its introduction.


*1): “ABsolute one”: It matches an ordering party of an advertisement and a creator, and offers a one-stop service including ordering, production, delivery of ad content. Now a patent is being applied for. It was developed by Growth Hack Planning Department, Digital Business Division, ADK. The name “Absolute one” was coined by interweaving AB test, the best suited solution and a word “absolute”.

(*2) AB test  : A test to compare users reactions using several web pages.

(*3) Acquisition efficiency  : An index that clients seek to achieve the number of registered users, the number of application, and revenue.


【Growth Hack Planning Department】

Newly added in October 2014 to Digital Business Division, ADK with a focus on offering one-stop solutions, aiming to maximize the number of registered users on the web for clients regardless media or creative. Shinjiro Motomatsu is assinged as the department director, who has abundant experiences as a consultant in improving responses for clients. He gives a talk on the theme of response improvement at ad:tech among many other events.


Contact: Kaori Nakajima
Office of Corporate Communications
Email: adkpr@adk.jp
Tel: +81-3-6830-3855

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