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The most commonly used codes in the world.

This is an art project to make one and only clock with creative numbers collecting from around the world.
Using “numbers” is the only rule to limit you,
otherwise you are completely free to bring your own unique ideas and individuality.

In the project collaborating with eyeka, it received 279 entries from 44 countries.
The best and brightest works contributed to create the clock.

We expect this project will go viral while planning to arrange events like workshops.

Keep your eye on this content – it is further developing.

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ADK introduces “Sticki,” a new global network offering the best solutions in the field of video marketing

June 11, 2015

Shinichi Ueno
President and Group CEO
Securities code: 9747

ADK introduces “Sticki,” a new global network
offering the best solutions in the field of video marketing

ADK (Registered name; ASATSU-DK INC., President & Group CEO; Shinichi Ueno, Head Office; Minato-ku, Tokyo) announces the establishment of “Sticki” a new global video marketing network. Recently, “video marketing” is increasing in significance as a touchpoint that connects consumers with companies/brands. We have organized to offer comprehensive solutions including insight extraction and creative production leveraging crowdsourcing*1 as well as video content amplification.

Today, it has been a part of consumers’ daily life to send and share information on online platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. To that end, high-quality videos are indispensable to deliver information on corporate communication strategies. Meanwhile, when using crowdsourcing, enhancing participating creators’ quality is critical to attract audiences. Furthermore, to maximize an impact, we should incorporate video marketing into a brand’s continuous marketing activities while verifying the effect, rather than using it for a one-shot campaign.

ADK has launched “Sticki,” a global network of the world’s leading video production and marketing companies to resolve these challenges through one-stop service and implement effective video marketing activity. The name “Sticki” emerged from the idea of “glue.” It syndicates (sticks) world’s leading video/marketing solutions together to serve all types of client’s needs, such as video production, shareability forecast and distribution.

The first company to join “Sticki” is a top-class video marketing expert, Nakamino Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and President: Noriaki Shiomi, Head Office; Minato-ku, Tokyo). Nakamino has extensive experiences in video marketing and serves optimized PDCA cycle by providing a series of solutions, including search behavior-based segmentation and insights extraction, video production, online research using affinity identification based on search queries and platform operation.
“Sticki” will manage a group of leading companies, both in Japan and globally. This network will continue to evolve to ensure providing the best solutions for clients.

*1 What is crowdsourcing?
Crowdsourcing is the process that allows companies to generate ideas by tapping into the knowledge and experiences of the general public through an online open platform and then acquire the submitted idea/work that satisfies their needs by offering a reward in some form to leverage it in their business setting. Recently, it has attracted attention as an opportunity of co-creation between companies and consumers in advertising and creative industries.

Sticki logo


Profile of Nakamino Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative director & president: Noriaki Shiomi
Head office: 5-4-9 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: August 1, 2011
Business line: Online video production and marketing company, providing a consistent service covering from video content marketing to bespoke content production and operation. Its strength lies in the implementation of the PDCA cycle through technology, creative and analytics.
Major shareholders: AOI Pro.Inc., Amaneku Co., Ltd.


Contact: Kaori Nakajima
Office of Corporate Communications
Email: adkpr@adk.jp
Tel: +81-3-6830-3855

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