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ADK CONNECT launches in Asia
ADK Creative One launches a new Creative Boutique, FACT
ADK Acquires Shares in d-rights Inc. To strengthen its contents business, ADK made d-rights a wholly owned subsidiary.
ADK Appoints Masato Mitsudera as Executive Creative Director, for the Launch of a New Boutique
ADK Launches Creative Boutique CHERRY INC. as Orchard for Creativity
ADK signs a strategic Corporate partnership in Japan with Plug and Play, LLC., USA, strengthening the business network with a venture companies
ADK acquires stakes in 1-10 imagine Advanced technology bolsters up capabilities of offering and implementation in “experimental design”
ADK establishes a new company “Absolute one” to provide support that ranges from marketing strategy planning to introduction of tools and creative management
ADK Global Workshop at Toranomon Hills -ADK hosts workshops for children-
ADK becomes a member of the “SPORT FOR TOMORROW”, a government-led initiative to make international contribution through sport
ADK YouTube Video Series Entitled “Meet the FURUSATO” Introduces Regional Cultures from Around Japan
ADK launches “Absolute one”; A service to concurrently realize the best suited web creative and AB test, aligning with Creators Match Ltd.