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Convocation Notice of the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders
Notice regarding Share Consolidation, and the Abolition of Provisions on Share Units and Partial Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation
Non-consolidated Gross Billings, December 2017
Notice Regarding Establishment of Record Date for Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting
Notice Regarding Receipt of Request by BCPE Madison Cayman, L.P. to Convene Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting to Approve the Consolidation of the Company’s Shares and to Amend the Company’s Articles of Incorporation to Delete the Provisions Concerning Less than One Unit Shares
Agreement on Termination of the Capital and Business Alliance with the WPP Group and Withdrawal of the Petition for Arbitration and the Petition for an Order for Provisional Disposition by the WPP Group
Notice regarding Change to Major Shareholder
Non-consolidated Gross Billings, November 2017
Bain Capital Private Equity and ASATSU-DK announce successful tender offer, Partnership for a new age of advertising
Notice Regarding the Result of the Tender Offer for Shares of the Company by BCPE Madison Cayman, L.P. and Change to the Parent Companies, the Other Affiliated Company, and the Largest Shareholder which is a Major Shareholder
Agreement for Tender by the WPP Group to the Tender Offer of Shares of the Company and Termination of Alliance
Notice Regarding Extension of the Tender Offer Period of the Tender Offer for the Shares of the Company by BCPE Madison Cayman, L.P.