Asatsu-DK to Open Online Agency Development Office

3 / 29 . 2006

Asatsu -DK Inc., hereafter referred to as “ADK”(Head

office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO:

Koichiro Naganuma), today announced plans to open a development office

on April 1, 2006, to prepare for the establishment of a next-generation

total online agency that will specialize in interactive media services.

The new online agency will be a wholly owned subsidiary of ADK and will

be established in the third quarter of the fiscal year ending December

31, 2006.

The new agency will offer one-stop services that meet a variety of client needs in the Internet advertising arena, including:

development of cross-media campaigns utilizing the Internet (including those for mobile phones)
design and production of web sites
purchase of Internet media
development of blogs, social networking services and other consumer-generated media.

The new agency reflects ADK’s “under one roof” approach and will seek to

generate considerable synergies with ADK by capitalizing on the various

solutions-development functions of ADK Group companies.

The popularization of the Internet and mobile phones has altered

consumer behavior dramatically in recent years. The rapid growth of

broadband has facilitated high-speed consumer access to vast quantities

of information, as well as the simultaneous use of a full range of

Internet media. In this environment, ADK’s new online advertising agency

will position it to offer sophisticated, integrated marketing and

communications services that respond to clients’ needs in the

interactive media arena.

The enhancement of the ADK Group’s capabilities in high-growth online

agency services–notably in Internet and cross-media advertising–and the

sales activities of the new agency will facilitate the creation of a

business model that supports a flexible response to the rapid

amalgamation of digital communications and broadcast media. Accordingly,

this will remain a key component of the ADK Group’s growth strategy

going forward.