Asatsu-DK and Softcreate Launch Sales of Co-developed “Site Meister”

11 / 08 . 2004

Tokyo, November 1, 2004 — Asatsu-DK Inc. (ADK;

President: Koichiro Naganuma) and Softcreate Co., Ltd. (Softcreate;

President: Masaru Hayashi) today announced the launch of -Site Meister”

developed jointly by the two companies under a collaborative agreement.

This all-in-one system ensures effective website design and operation.

As the Internet becomes a normal part of people’s daily lives, the role

of corporate websites have grown in importance, and the safe and smooth

operation of an effective website has become a key issue. ADK and

Softcreate have developed an integrated service, covering everything

from business consulting for website design to the development and

operation of fully secure online systems.

The newly developed Site Meister is a low-priced, high-value-added

system developed based on the combined experience of both companies.

ADK’s contribution is its website

design know-how based on its advertising expertise in 360-degree

communications involving mass and interactive media, as well as its

extensive experience in strategic planning. Softcreate provides its

formidable expertise in systems installation and

operation in the e-commerce field.

Site Meister provides powerful support to website operators. As a

unified management tool it allows timely transmission of daily content

at preset times, and compiles volumes of content into easy-to-understand

formats. It also enables operators to access real-time profiles of

registered customers and information for responding appropriately to

inquiries. In this way, Site Meister provides support for web promotions

and the development of effective marketing strategies.

The initial price is 2.9 million yen for the basic system, which can be

customized to meet specific user requirements. A 220,000 yen monthly fee

covers the use of data center servers, communication lines and

operation and maintenance. The plan is to deliver Site Meister to 15

companies in the first year.

Functional Overview of Site Meister

1. Content management

This function streamlines the process of updating website content and facilitates timely information transmission.

– Web pages can be created by arranging text and images in a simple, word-processor-like environment.

– A scheduling function allows operators to set the time and date of content uploads and removals.

– Content can be made subject to authorization prior to being uploaded.

2. Communication management

This function supports interactive communication with site visitors.

– User inquiries can be accepted via the website.

– Unified management of response status is performed when response to an inquiry is sent.

– The production of questionnaires, the compilation of results and their extraction are easily handled.

3. Customer relationship management

The system provides various functions for managing member information and utilizing that information effectively.

– The system allows attribute extraction of member information (attributes can be selected optionally).

– Opt-in e-mails can be sent directly to those members.

4. Marketing management

By compiling and analyzing site access information, the system allows

site effectiveness measurement and supports strategy formulation..

– Analysis of access to specific content can be performed.

– Summary reports and detailed reports of access data can be downloaded.

About Asatsu-DK Inc.

President : Koichiro Naganuma

Location: 13-1, Tsukiji 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Established: March 19, 1956

Capitalization: 37,581,360,000 yen

Employees: 1,925 (as of June 30, 2004)


Asatsu-DK offers a full range of comprehensive advertising services for

its clients, including advertisements in magazines, newspapers, radio,

television, and the internet; sales promotion, film, and direct mail;

and publication services.

About Softcreate Co., Ltd.

President : Masaru Hayashi

Location: 22-3, Shibuya 2-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Established: August 8, 1969

Capitalization: 347,000,000 yen

Employees: 180


Softcreate provides a full range of systems integration services,

including application products, development under consignment, general

market packages, network construction and maintenance, provision of IT

infrastructure and internet mail order services.

For further information, please contact:

Asatsu-DK Inc.

Hiroshi Oguri

Public Relations Room

Phone: +81-3-3547-2003

Softcreate Co., Ltd.

Yasuhiro Okamoto

Public Relations Manager

Phone: +81-3-3486-4091