ADK, Members and AIP Bridge joint-develops and launches “GoldVISION Pro”, an all-in-one system to realize measurement and analysis of e-marketing indexes

6 / 30 . 2003

Asatsu-DK Inc., (head office: Chuo-ku Tokyo, Koichiro Naganuma,

Representative Director and President, hereinafter “ADK”), Members


Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku Tokyo, Tadashi Kenmochi, Representative Director

and President, hereinafter “Members”) and AIP Bridge CORP. (head office:


Tokyo, hereinafter AIP Bridge) has joint-developed “GoldVISION Pro”,



system that datalizes e-marketing indexes for our clients’ needs from every aspect

in detail, grasping the performance of access users to the client’s website,

inspecting opportunity loss by checking which page they left the site on, and

measuring how many customers an Internet advertisement has drawn, etc., and will

launch the products in August.

“GoldVISION Pro” consists of three items: a basic analysis of the number

of visitors to the site, an analysis of records of people who visit and left

the sites on the pages concerned, and a measurement of the cost versus effect.

The cost for the advertisement posted in other corporation’s portal site etc.,

to attract customers to the site of our client’s corporation will be input in

advance according to the classification of media. It is set up in such a way

that the advertisement cost for per order will be calculated based on the number

of visitors to the page concerned and the order data of products sold through

the net and that campaign effect will be promptly grasped to be utilized for

improving the contents during the campaign. The system is structured to acquire

and analysis the access data running in the line between the client’s computer

and its server with apparatus, making it easier to operate than the former system

with the tag (signal) built in per page.

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