ADK Acquires Shares in d-rights Inc. To strengthen its contents business, ADK made d-rights a wholly owned subsidiary.

12 / 20 . 2018

At a board of directors meeting held on December 14, 2018, ASATSU-DK INC. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Shinichi Ueno) acquired all the d-rights Inc. shares held by Mitsubishi Corporation, passed a resolution to make d-rights a wholly owned subsidiary, and announced on December 20 that the transfer of those shares was complete.

1.Reason for Acquisition
Since “EightMan” started broadcasting in 1963, ADK has developed content business and built its success by involving in a number of TV animation programs and live-action films. Our involvement has been evolved from planning and creating animation programs to merchandising of animation characters, utilizing them in sales & promotion activities, and to musical theaters and live events. We have recently stepped up our efforts in on-line distribution of Japanese anime titles to overseas markets where the number of fans is growing, along with e-commerce capability to promote anime-related goods.

d-rights, on the other hand, specializes in video picture production (animation and live-actin), rights management and overseas sales with strong capabilities in producing content projects and established overseas network. Beyblade series, in particular among titles that d-rights was involved in rights management and overseas sales, has enjoyed a mega hit not only at home but abroad, mainly in the North America and Europe.

In 2015, ADK acquired 816 shares from Mitsubishi Corporation (51% of the voting rights) to make d-rights a subsidiary, but has now decided to acquire all the shares owned by Mitsubishi Corporation and make d-rights a wholly owned subsidiary. From January 2019, ADK will transition to a holding company structure with ADK Holdings functioning as a pure holding company. In the ADK Group, d-rights will become one of the main animation companies in ADK’s animation business, which is centered around ADK Emotions Inc.

2.Profile of d-rights Inc.

(1) Company name d-rights Inc.
(2) Address 8-6, 2-Chome, Nishishinbashi, Minatoku-ku, Tokyo
(3) Representative President, Shuji Wada
(4) Business line Diversely producing content from planning of original characters, animation and game, Web to production and development
(5) Capital 80 million yen (as of October, 2018)
(6) Establishment December 1, 1988
(7) Major shareholders and shareholding ratio ASATSU-DK INC.

Mitsubishi Corporation




3. Profile of Mitsubishi Corporation

(1) Company name Mitsubishi Corporation
(2) Address 3-1, Marunouchi 2-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(3) Representative President & CEO, Takehiko Kakiuchi
(4) Business line Global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates business across virtually every industry including industrial finance, energy, metals, machinery, chemicals, foods, and environmental business
(5) Capital 204,446 million yen (as of the end of September, 2018)
(6) Establishment April 1, 1950.


4. The number of acquired shares and pre-and-post acquisition ownership status

(1) The number of shares held before transfer 816 shares

(the number of voting rights: 816)

(the ratio of voting rights:51.0%)

(2) The number of acquired shares 784 shares

(the number of voting rights: 784)

(3) The number of shares held after transfer 1,600 shares

(the number of voting rights: 1,600)

(the ratio of voting rights: 100.0%)


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