ADK Appoints Masato Mitsudera as Executive Creative Director, for the Launch of a New Boutique

8 / 01 . 2018

ADK (Registered name; ASATSU-DK INC., President & Group CEO; Shinichi Ueno, Head Office; Minato-ku, Tokyo) has appointed Masato Mitsudera, former Executive Creative Director at Geometry Global Japan, to Executive Creative Director of ADK, effective August 1. In addition to the passion and energy he will infuse into the ADK creative sections, Masato will also start preparations for a new creative boutique, scheduled to begin operation in January 2019.

To tackle the major challenges in today’s communication landscape, ADK is transforming into a “Consumer Activation Company” and accelerating the revitalization of the creative section. In a diversifying world, clients are looking for new solutions and ADK believes that creativity is at the centre of moving both consumers and sales. Based on a “Boutique Satellite Plan,” ADK will launch a number of unique creative boutiques, which will cross over existing categories and generate results-driven ideas for clients.

Masato Mitsudera started his career at Yomiko Advertising and moved to Beacon Communications. He has received a Cannes Lion Grand Prix for the revitalization project for the town of Yubari in Hokkaido Prefecture. He has also served on the jury for various international awards. In 2014, he joined Geometry Global Japan as Executive Creative Director, where he contributed to the growth and expansion. Recently he has been working independently as a City Activator – a creative advisor to prefectural and municipal governments.

Masato has expressed a strong passion and determination for his assignment at ADK. “I want to put in everything I’ve got as a creative and go wild. I’ve spent six years at Beacon and Geometry, working on both organizational matters and heading creative. When ADK offered me the chance to start up a boutique, I could feel my creative soul stirring. I want to continue as a front-line player to keep coming up with business-winning ideas. I come into this new challenge with the same passion for creativity that I had when I first entered this business 20 years ago. I want to join hands with the passionate, young, talented creatives at ADK, to give shape to the creativity of the future.”


About Masato Mitsudera

Masato started his career at YOMIKO Advertising in 1997 as a creative planner specializing in TVCs. And in 2003, joined Beacon Communications/Leo Burnett Tokyo where he worked with various western and Japanese clients.

In 2009, Masato became the first Japanese to be awarded a Cannes Lion Grand Prix in the Promo Category for a Yubari City* Revitalization Project. He has served on the jury for various international awards, such as the 2010 Cannes Promo & Activation Category and the 2013 Spikes PR Category. In 2012 at the age of 36, Masato became the youngest Executive Creative Director in the history of the agency and received the Creator of the Year Medalist award from the JAAA (Japan Advertising Agencies Association).

After 10 years at Beacon, he became the first Executive Creative Director of the Japan office of Geometry Global, the largest activation agency in the world. From the start in 2014, Masato was assigned to be head of creative as well as part of the management team. He has lead the agency’s growth in its organization and scale of business over the past 4 years. Recently, Masato has taken on an additional job as Creative Advisor for Japanese cities and prefectures, contributing to regional revitalization. From August 2018, Masato will work with ADK as Executive Creative Director with preparations under way to start up his creative boutique.

*Known in its heyday as a major coal-mining town, Yubari, Hokkaido is famous for Yubari Melons and the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. During the course of 50 years, the city lost 90% of its population and experienced bankruptcy in 2007.