ADK establishes a new company “Absolute one” to provide support that ranges from marketing strategy planning to introduction of tools and creative management

9 / 05 . 2016

ADK (Registered name; ASATSU-DK INC., President & Group CEO; Shinichi Ueno, Head office; Minato-ku, Tokyo) announces that it has established a new subsidiary called “Absolute one” in the field of marketing and consulting. The company begins the services today.

1. Objectives of establishing a new subsidiary

“Absolute one”, an ADK’s cloud-based AB test service launched in July 2015, has been supporting clients in attracting customers on-line and increasing sales through improvement of creative works for websites and banners.

On the other hand, the demand is increasing, beyond the improvement of web creative in AB test, for integrated solution that helps solve essential marketing challenges such as gaining users and increasing sales. Today it is essential for marketing services in the digital field to offer a one-stop solution covering media improvement, data management and introduction of tools that enables visualization thereof, as well as total strategic planning.

Under these circumstances, ADK decided to establish Absolute one, a consulting company that is better committed to clients, covering further extended range of services benefiting from ADK’s abundant know-how as an integrated advertising company.

In addition to the specialist knowledge accumulated by ADK in acquiring users and expanding sales, the new company will incorporate the user profiling technology using “3D database”*1 and “Mind DMP”*2 from Axival, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADK, in order to offer one-stop support that ranges from concrete creative and media management plan based on the analysis of visualized user panel data and client database, and to reporting of the results.

(*1) 3D Database:A database that integrates individual person’s data of TV viewing, internet access, buying history and attitude in daily life, enabling comprehensive and concrete understanding of a user’s characteristics, individuality, media contact and everyday behavior which are difficult to identify from non-integrated data.

(*2) Mind DMP: A Data Management Platform with data of “attitude” and “value” added on top of the traditional DMP that handles information of attributes and behavioral history. It enables targeting based on attitude and value, along with today’s mainstream online advertising using attribute- and behavior-based targeting.

2. Services to offer

● Data management

Analysis of detailed user panel data in cooperation with Axival, “new tool introduction support” to enable visualization of the dynamic on-line behavior and thinking of users, further analysis of such visualized data, and planning of total digital marketing strategy.

● Creative Management

Analysis to determine “what kind of creative works will trigger user response and action” and “the best timing and method to effectively communicate to users” with reference to the data management above, and planning of the placement of creative works and test programs that are best suited to the user.

● Media Management

Planning and proposal of an effective media operation plan and the best use of audience data and ad technology, according to a marketing strategy developed based on the result of data analysis, in the same manner as Creative Management.

Moreover, in the creative management field, Absolute one’s client support function will be further strengthened by the company’s entering into a business cooperation agreement with Creators Match Ltd., with which it already has a partnership arrangement.

3. About Absolute one

Trade name Absolute one Inc.図1
The name “Absolute one” symbolizes the company’s determination to “take every possible measure to bring success to client’s business and to provide an absolute value to client”.
Location 7F Nishi Shimbashi JK Building, 3-15-12 Nishi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Shinjiro Motomatsu
Capital 75 million yen
Fiscal period January – December
Shareholder ADK: 100%
Business Line Marketing consultancy
Beginning of services September 5, 2016

4. Profile of Representative Director

Shinjiro Motomatsu

After working for the Bank of Fukuoka (from 2000) and Accenture Japan Ltd. (from 2002), Motomatsu joined Asatsu-DK in 2006. He was first assigned to the on-line direct response business and mainly worked with mail order companies in Kyushu Branch Office, placed in charge of general producing and response consulting.

In 2014 he was transferred to Digital Business Division in Tokyo HQs and appointed as Director of Growth Hack Planning Department in October.

In 2016, he was appointed as Director of 5th Digital Planning Department.

He has been invited to speak at ad:tech and many more events on the theme of response improvement and strategy development, among others.