Happy New Year to everyone!
A New Year Message from the President

1 / 01 . 2019

With only a year to go until the Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games, we’re expecting this year to be positively propelled by the Olympic economy.
That said, there are elements of concern for the Japanese economy, such as the trade friction between the US and China and uncertainty in the overall direction of US political and economic policies. The environment surrounding the communications industry is also somewhat challenging, especially looking towards 2020, which will become an important milestone for every Japanese business. It is therefore vital for us to look ahead and establish a corporate structure that will be strong enough to withstand these economic fluctuations.

In 2013 ADK announced “VISION 2020” outlining the growth up to 2020 based on the objective of becoming a true Consumer Activation Company. To this end we are further accelerating the structural reform by strengthening professional areas and increasing productivity.

Although this restructuring is still in progress, the base for positive reform has now been established. The next steps will be to increase professional knowledge and skillsets, as well as accelerating productivity in the marketing support and content business.

Therefore, as of January 2019, ASATSU-DK Inc. has completed the transition to a holding company structure:

ADK Holdings Inc. (ADKHD) is now a pure holding company, while ADK Marketing Solutions Inc., ADK Creative One Inc., and ADK Emotions Inc. have become business entities with distinct areas of expertise as operating companies affiliated with ADKHD.

ADK Marketing Solutions Inc. provides integrated solutions centred on communications in the marketing field. In the data management field, data-driven marketing based on proprietary DMP will be developed, and optimum planning / buying and operation of digital and mass media will be a core asset.

ADK Creative One Inc. will be a fully integrated creative company of approximately 700 staff, working closely with the other operating companies in providing one-stop solutions for clients, ranging from planning through production & implementation in the creative and promotion areas.

ADK Emotions Inc. will further demonstrate its uniqueness and strength in the content business, and will firmly establish our foundation in the domestic and global rights marketing business.

As you can see 2019 is a pivotal year for the company – but most importantly we hope to make this a prosperous year for our clients and all group employees.
We look forward to working with you, heading toward an exciting 2020 and beyond.

Shinichi Ueno
President & Group CEO
ADK Holdings Inc.