Each and every ADK Group employee recognizes the importance of the impact of the communication business on the environment. For this reason, we are pursuing various business initiatives aimed at contributing to society and protecting the environment. By making proposals to advertisers and strengthening alliances with media and partner companies, moreover, we are striving to realize effective environment-oriented communication and help build a sustainable society.

ADK has the ability to identify the current environmental situation by collating and analyzing environmental data using this information to minimize the consumption of energy and resources. We are:

  • Promoting “Innovations in the way we work” through initiatives such as “No Overtime Day”, while we are reducing electricity use by initiatives such as restricting the use of out-of-hours air conditioning.
  • Restricting the use of electricity by turning off all lights.
  • Implementing “Cool Biz” during summer.
  • Identifying and reducing copy paper usage while aiming for a paperless office by utilizing the monitors and tablets available in all of ADK’s meeting rooms.
  • Promoting green purchasing by the increased use of eco-friendly stationery and by recycling used stationery.
  • Continuing to measure, at ADK Head Office, both industrial and general waste as part of our efforts to control overall waste.
  • Donating and recycling books that include reference material that is no longer needed.

ADK is collecting data to comply with legislation which is then submitted to relevant ministries and agencies.

  • Notifying the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of energy usage levels in compliance with the Energy Conservation Law.
  • With regards to ADK Head Office, submitting the “Specific Tenant Global Warming Countermeasure Efforts Report” to the Director of the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry via Toranomon Hills (Mori Building).
  • Keeping a manifest and submitting reports, including the Industrial Waste Management Report, in compliance with the Waste Management Law.