Basic Philosophy

Each and every ADK Group employee recognizes the importance of the impact of the communication business on the environment. For this reason, we are pursuing various business initiatives aimed at contributing to society and protecting the environment. By making proposals to advertisers and strengthening alliances with media and partner companies, moreover, we are striving to realize effective environment-oriented communication and help build a sustainable society.

Activity Guide

According to the environmental management system, such as ISO14001,we will work to prevent environmental pollution and achieve continual improvements.
By developing, proposing, and implementing environment-oriented advertising and promotions based on our Group’s Code of Conduct, we will help address environmental problems.
We will actively and continuously reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by saving resources and energy, while adopting a 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) policy and embracing green purchasing practices.
We will ensure that our business activities conform to environmental laws and regulations, as well as all other requirements to which the Company is in agreement.

(Latest Revision: January 1, 2019)