As of January 2019, ASATU-DK Inc. has completed the transition to a holding company structure and has become ADK Group.

Our late founder, Masao Inagaki, founded Asahi Tsushin-sha (ASATSU) in 1956 with only 4 employees. This small advertising agency with a challenger spirit grew rapidly to become the third largest agency in Japan. And in 1999, the merger with Daiichi Kikaku formed ASATSU-DK (ADK).

During the more than half a century since our establishment, the industry has undergone drastic changes. With the dramatic evolution of digital technology and the rapid penetration of social media, communication is no longer just about raising awareness of products and services. Concrete solutions must be provided to activate consumers, so that purchases are made and services utilized.

ADK has further evolved to embrace these changes to provide real-time future-facing solutions – solutions that will truly activate consumers and contribute to our clients’ businesses. Our transition to a holding company structure this year in 2019, will further accelerate these changes.

By optimising our core assets of professionalism and productivity, and integrating our strengths, the holding company and the three operating companies will aim to provide best-in-class marketing services. ADK will further invest in our content business and expand by accelerating and optimising data and technology.

We hope you will look forward to the new ADK Group as we form an integrated professional unit as a leading Consumer Activation Company.

Shinichi Ueno
Representative Director, President & Group CEO, ADK Holdings Inc.
President & Representative Director, ADK Marketing Solutions Inc.