ADK Holdings Inc.

ADK Holdings is a pure holding company of the ADK Group that engages in everything from formulating groupwide strategies and administrative policy to managing and supervising operating companies. ADK Holdings also provides general affairs, HR and other back-office functions for group companies. This support allows each operating company to focus on its area of expertise and run its business more efficiently.

ADK Marketing Solutions Inc.

As a liaison for clients, ADK Marketing Solutions provides comprehensive marketing answers, with a concentration in communications. The company also has media planning and buying functions for utilizing marketing data in the execution of mass media plans and purchases. In data management, an area of particular emphasis, ADK Marketing Solutions is working to expand platforms while raising results-driven operating capabilities and helping clients’ businesses produce results.

Representative Director, President & Group CEO, ADK Holdings Inc.
President & Representative Director, ADK Marketing Solutions Inc. Shinichi Ueno

ADK Creative One Inc.

ADK Creative One is a 700-member integrated creative company that resulted from the merger between Creative Solutions Business Sector of ASATSU-DK Inc and ADK Arts Inc.
The company, which provides a one-stop-service including communication strategy planning, production and execution, continuously offers high-quality, optimal solutions to client issues.
With new methods leveraging everything from digital media and mass media to the latest technology, ADK Creative One produces the right communication for diverse touchpoints and generates buzz with sophisticated, unique techniques to connect marketing campaigns with concrete action by consumers.
The creative boutiques under ADK Creative One’s umbrella produce a constant stream of unrestricted ideas, including creatives for newsworthy PR that induces the public to act and imaginative interactive communications.

Representative Director Kenji Morinaga

ADK Emotions Inc.

The ADK Group’s anime business got started by ASATSU Inc. in 1963, the first year that cartoons appeared on Japanese television.
Since then, ADK has helped plan and produce over 400 anime works and used characters in marketing and merchandising projects for numerous partner companies. While carrying the anime DNA of ASATSU that pioneered the content business, ADK’s operations in this sector are heading toward a new stage.
Empathy, craving, yearning, enjoyment… The word “Emotions” in the company name encapsulates the desire to move people emotionally by planning and producing anime content based on Japanese culture, and by creating related merchandise, events and the like.
With the spread of digital technology, anime is becoming more of a global phenomenon. ADK Emotions will engage in closer cooperation with the firm’s many partner companies to move the hearts of people across the globe.

Representative Director Takahiro Noda

ADK Global Business Center

ADK Global Business Center operates two agency networks to move consumers and support advertisers business overseas. ADK Global Network provides comprehensive agency services as total advertising agency, and DIK Asia Network mainly provides activation services as specialized network in Mekong area. Both network have global talents as multi-national agency and struggle to provide the best marketing solutions to advertisers expanding overseas market.