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ADK Championing the Development of “Co-creation” in Japan through its Alliance with eYeka
~ New Business Model Connecting Companies and
200,000 Creators in 94 Countries ~
(“Stand for Japan” Campaign Outstanding Entries Exhibition
~ March 26-28)

 ASATSU-DK INC. (ADK; head office Chuo Ward, Tokyo; Yoji Shimizu, President & Group CEO) was pleased to announce the launch of a business alliance in December of last year with eYeka S.A. (head office France; Francois Petavy, CEO), French company who is the global market leader in online co-creation with consumers. Since then, ADK has ranked as the first official partner for eYeka worldwide, with the two companies having already initiated a number of co-creation projects across the World, combining ADK's strategic expertise with the collective creative power of eYeka's online community of consumers.

 In support of this new venture, ADK and eYeka have developed "Stand for Japan", a co-creation project where people from all over the World were invited to create imagery that shows what, in their eyes makes Japan truly unique and endearing. The campaign generated submissions of over 300 outstanding creative content (spanning videos, animations, illustrations and other formats) with participants stemming from 41 countries such as , France and even China. The project is a good example of how co-creation can bring fresh and creative ideas from a diverse group of consumers. The best visual content received will be shown during a 3-day period, from March 26th to 28th at the ADK Shochiku Square 1st Floor Gallery (in the Tsukiji district of Tokyo).

 Leveraging its groundbreaking tie-up with eYeka, ADK is determined to offer revolutionary creative solutions engineered to meet the needs of Japanese companies who want to launch innovative marketing and communication solutions fast. This will involve mobilizing eYeka's co-creation community to support the development of new creative concepts for customers in brand creation, brand experience and new product development.

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