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Incorporation of “Advertisement EDI Center Inc.”
New company to provide integrated EDI system for advertising transactions

Asatsu-DK Inc., (President & Group COO, Koichiro Naganuma) has reached an agreement with Dentsu Inc., (President & COO, Tateo Mataki), Hakuhodo Incorporated (President and CEO, Toshio Miyagawa), and Intec Inc., (President & Group CEO, Tetsuo Nakao), to act as joint promoters with nine additional participating advertising companies in the incorporation of "Advertisement EDI Center Inc.", a new company that will prepare the infrastructure and offer an integrated advertising industry electronic data interchange (EDI) system for transactions between advertising and media companies.
Data interchange for media orders and billing has long had scope for improvements in efficiency and accuracy. Advertising companies commonly performed manual re-input of media company information and vice versa. Introduction of one-to-one EDI systems between individual advertising and media companies had been ineffective from the viewpoint of the industry as a whole, due to the heavy burden of investment and operational costs.
Consolidation of transactions utilizing an integrated advertising industry system will enable both advertising and media companies to reduce the burden of investment, improve efficiency, and maintain the accuracy of information.
Advertisement EDI Center Inc. will prepare and operate an integrated advertising industry EDI center for advertising agencies and media companies such as TV stations and newspaper publishers. It will also work to develop concurrent information systems, databases and software, promoting the progress of an integrated advertising industry infrastructure.
The new company will contribute toward improved efficiency and accuracy in the advertising industry as a whole by reducing the investment costs for EDI borne by each advertising company and offering a stable venue for electronic commerce. At the commencement of business, 12 advertising companies, 51 TV stations, and eight newspaper-publishing companies are scheduled to utilize the center, and extensive participation by other advertising and media companies will be actively encouraged.

<Summary of the New Company>
1. Name of the Company: Advertisement EDI Center Inc.
2. Date of Incorporation: October 1, 2002
3. Capital: ¥294,000,000.
4. Investors: Dentsu Inc., Hakuhodo Incorporated, Asatsu-DK Inc., Daiko Advertising inc., TokyuAgency Inc., YOMIKO Advertising Inc., I & S / BBDO Inc., Asahi Advertising Inc., McCann Erickson Inc., ORICOM Co. Ltd., EAST JAPAN MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS, INC., SHOTSU Co., Ltd., Intec Inc.
5. Principal Directors
President: Yasutoshi Kimura(Senior Executive Advisor, Corporate Affairs, Dentsu Inc.)
Executive Vice President: Kazuyoshi Yoshikawa(Corporate Officer, General Manager, TV Division, HAKUHODO INC.)
6. Location Hosokawa Tukiji Bldg, 8F 1-9-9 Tukiji Chuo-ku, Tokyo