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ADK’s Internet Research System “KNOTs”Offered in Six European Countries.

TOKYO, JAPAN, May 2002 -- Tokyo-headquartered Asatsu-DK Inc. (ADK) has established a local subsidiary in Europe to offer online research services utilizing the proprietary "KNOTs," Internet-based research system developed and run by ADK. The new subsidiary, KNOTs Europe B.V., will offer simultaneous online research services in six European countries.

• Profile of KNOTs Europe B.V.
KNOTs Europe B.V., headquartered in Holland and headed by CEO Ken'ichiro Omori, was established in July 2001 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Asatsu-DK local subsidiary Asatsu Europe Holding. With capital of E250,000 and five employees, the new company began promoting subscriptions to its online research system, which can be simultaneously accessed in six European countries (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Holland). Aiming at signing up 30,000 subscribers within the year, the company has already secured 15,000 members. Revenues of ¥80 million are anticipated within the year, and several inter-country research orders have already been obtained. Sales for fiscal 2003 are expected to reach ¥300 million.

• Partnership with Continental Research, proven professionals with a reputation for reliable analysis
As a source of clients, KNOTs Europe expects to receive orders from Asatsu-DK's corporate clients and locally is receiving the support of Asatsu Europe B.V., the wholly owned subsidiary of KNOTs Europe B.V.'s parent company, Asatsu Europa Holding. In addition, through a partnership with Continental Research Corporation, the UK subsidiary of Arbitron, Inc., the research company ranked 13th in the world, KNOTs Europe is working to strengthen its aggregate analysis capacity and aims to obtain orders from specialized research companies in the United States and Europe.

• The significance of building a Pan-European research network
Even for leading high-profit corporations tracking consumer and user trends, when it comes to operating overseas, differences in culture and trade practices emerge. With the users out of sight, developing and marketing products with high demand potential can be a real challenge.
In the European Union, which consists of a large number of countries with different peoples and languages, simultaneously carrying out surveys aimed at identifying overall consumer trends and country-by-country differences at a single point in time is several times more expensive and time consuming than carrying out surveys in Japan.
Since the introduction of KNOTs services in Japan in 1997, the services offered by KNOTs Europe have attracted more than 1,000 orders for full surveys with strict demand criteria from over 100 leading corporate clients of all kinds. Based on Japan KNOTs services, which are highly regarded and trusted, KNOTs Europe can now carry out uniform-quality surveys on consumers in six European countries -- simultaneously, swiftly, and cheaply.

• Inquiries about KNOTs services:
Ken Ashida, PR section.
Telephone: (+81)03-3547-2003
Keiko Kubota, KNOTs Business Group
Telephone: (+81)03-5512-3124
URL: http://www.knots.ne.jp/

• KNOTs Europe B.V.
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2132 XW Hoofdorp
Telephone: +31-23-554-3-554
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Email: info@knotsonlineresearch.com
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